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Relive the tumultuous 1960s and 1970s through the eyes of two young adventurers in the captivating memoir, "Never Let the Facts Interfere with a Good Story."


This vivid tale chronicles Judy and Gerry's adventures across the globe, from their chance meeting on a Mediterranean Ferry between Italy and Turkey to 10 years later arriving in the United States. The book chronicles their travels amid the backdrop of an era defined by student uprisings, coups and war. From language barriers to money changing and border crossings, they embrace each challenge with humor and a "devil may care" attitude that only the young can get away with.


Despite clashing personalities, they find themselves drawn together and their commitment grows. More than a love story, "Never Let the Facts Interfere with a Good Story" encapsulates the resilience of a relationship, excitement of travel, and cultural interactions that shape a life.

Never Let Facts Interfere with a Good Story

  • Judy D.V. Harles boasts a diverse background. She majored in Political Science and Asian Studies at Berkeley and the University of Illinois. During her junior year abroad, she met her future husband on a trip to Turkey and later joined him in Vietnam.

    In Vietnam, she worked for the Army and Airforce Exchange Service, followed by a stint at Chrysler Military Sales. Her roles took her to Thailand and the Republic of Panama, where she served as an Office Administrator.After a decade abroad, she relocated to Florida.

    There, she managed insurance and finance at her husband's motorcycle and marine dealership for 11 years. Subsequently, she operated a liquor store for 31 years.

    Simultaneously, she and her husband ventured into International Marketing and eventually became motivational speakers. After her husband's passing, following 47 years of marriage, Judy sold the liquor store. She then moved to Colorado with her two dogs, a Husky and a Chessie, and a 17-year-old cat.

    In honor of her husband, she promised her two children that she would write a book celebrating his life. She dedicated four years to writing her first memoir, "Never Let the Facts Interfere with a Good Story."

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